Thank you very much, Wez! 

Perhaps you can be so nice as to answer my next question also ;)
Whenever I do a configure with --enable-debug I get close to
a zillion errors when compiling (or linking rather) it seems that I get
the following two errors for each function in my code:
"multiple definition of `foobar'" and "first defined here"

Am I supposed to do something particular in order for debug to work???


Wez Furlong wrote:
> On 2001-03-28 15:09:27, "Thomas Wentzel" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I do come up with the most stupid questions - sorry :)
> > > Erhm all this talk about memory leaks - made me curious.
> > > How do I go about getting the sort of output, that Wez are showing
> > > below.
> Try
>  ./configure --enable-debug
> and look at your httpd error log.
> If you have memory problems, most likely the error log is huge ;-)
> --Wez.

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