ID: 9807
Updated by: stas
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Status: Feedback
Bug Type: *Function Specific
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Works for me in 4.0.4. Please re-check with latest version
and if it still happens, please supply values of all
ereg_replace arguments.

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-17 10:09:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I also encountered this problem. I called ereg_replace from function such as this:

function replace_var($var, $replacement, $v) 
return ereg_replace("{$var}", htmlspecialchars($replacement), $v); 

Call to this function was
$form = replace_var("MODEL", $model, $form); 

$form is piece of HTML, and MODEL is template variable defined in HTML code like 

$var is passed to my replace_var function as is.


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