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Updated by: jmoore
Old-Status: Open
Status: Bogus
Bug Type: *Install and Config
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Once again this is not a bug in PHP but a misconfig on your system. If the dll is not 
on your system then PHP cant find it. 

This is not the place to ask questions like this. 

Please see It is also not possible for PHP to 
distribute this libary due to the possible license problems if we were to do so. (It 
would be illegal for us to do so.)

- James

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[2001-03-29 07:16:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Look first at ID 9999.
I had that problem with php.exe. ERROR: cant find odbc32.dll

I have downloaded mdac 2.6 SDK (13 MB) and installed it
(COMPLETE installation), BUT: php.exe still does not find
odbc32.dll, and I am not surprised, because I cant find it
manually on my harddisk.

Why is that f...... library NOT contained in the php4-zip?
Where can I get it? Please help...


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