Ah, I'll do that.  I've got PHP working fine, but I had put a link from
/usr/local to /opt/apache.  I'll try strace (I'm a Solaris guy, so anything
other than truss is heinous).

-- Shawn

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Subject: PHP 4.0 Bug #8869 Updated: phpinfo() returns incorrect
Configuration File Path

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Are you sure PHP is indeed reading this file? PHP is able to
work without any php.ini, so it running is not a proof it
actually reads this file. Could you do strace (or whatever
it is called on HPUX) and see if it indeed uses the said file?

Previous Comments:

[2001-01-23 13:52:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The output from phpinfo() returns:

PHP Version 4.0.4pl1
System                                    HP-UX snake16 B.10.20 A 9000/720
2009850626 two-user license
Build Date                                Jan 23 2001
Configure Command                 './configure' '--prefix=/opt/apache'
Server API                                Apache
Virtual Directory Support            disabled
Configuration File (php.ini)         /usr/local/lib

But the php.ini file is actually in ${PREFIX}/lib (/opt/apache/lib), and PHP
is successfully starting up with the .ini file in this directory.  The
Configuration File Path output should be updated with the contents of


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