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Does this happen with PHP 4.0.4pl1?


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[2000-11-01 09:47:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]


[2000-09-08 05:04:11] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
(minor flaw, don't know if it's important, but maybe worth a check)

I registered a shutdown function via register_shutdown_function(). For debugging 
purposes and because echo() isn't functional in the shutdown function, I used 
error_log('my log message',0), so that the "error"-messages showed up in 

The error_log()-call in "normal code" produced an entry in apache error_log with 
timestamp and error type, and the error_log()-call in my shutdown callback function 
appeared without timestamp and error type (see snippet below)

example PHP-code

function myshutdown () {
   error_log('myshutdown() executed',0);
error_log('myshutdown-function registered',0);

Apache logs/error_log snippet

[Fri Sep  8 11:43:43 2000] [notice] Apache/1.3.12 (Unix) PHP/4.0.2 configured -- 
resuming normal operations
[Fri Sep  8 11:43:52 2000] [error] myshutdown-function registered
myshutdown() executed


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