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Could you please try the latest CVS build from to check if this 
is fixed now?


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[2001-03-20 21:52:18] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have just installed PHP 4.0.4pl1 on w2k SP1 using CGI. I have setup the 
extension_dir to the directory where the extension dll are. It alway give the error " 
unable to load dynamic library 'd:phpextensionsphp_curl.dll' - specified module could 
not be found". I have also set full path in the "extension=" directive, it did not 
too. What have I missed???? To me it seems that this is a bug.

I have checked, the files are there, the path are correct, permissions are set but it 
just continue to give the error. I have visited the newsgroup and it seems to be a 
common problem but no one has a solution to this, Please help.


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