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Bug Type: Unknown/Other Function
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There is no need for #!/usr/local/bin/php if you have your webserver set up to parse 
PHP files already (IE if you have set up apache as shown in install docs.) if your 
webserver is executing the files (actually set up as real cgi then please reopen this 
bug report but this shouldnt happen as the webserver should strip the 
#!/usr/local/bin/php line out.)


Previous Comments:

[2001-03-29 12:25:01] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Standard configure/make on REdHat 7 (options are: 
--without-apache --with-mysql --with-gd)

Then CGI execution as normal - it reads php.ini fine and 
renders PHP fine - the only problem is the display of the 
first line of the file ('#!/usr/local/bin/php')

I've seen posts elsewhere about someone having a similar 
problem on FreeBSD with an older version that went away 
with a newer version (of PHP that is) so I'm assuming its 
a resurfacing issue.  Apologies if it's just me being lame 




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