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what does your php.ini, especialy error_reporting look like?

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[2001-03-29 17:43:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
PHP fails to report missing "}".

I could not reproduce this problem with simpler script. However, it happens on both 
Linux and W2K on longer script. (I think it may be easily to reproduce this problem if 
you get rid of "}" in 1000-2000 lines script with a lot of class definitions)

PHP4.0.4pl1 - as Apache module under Linux
PHP4.0.4RC1 - as Apache module under W2K

IE just keeps spinning or complains "no server or DNS error".

Problem happens on code like:
class foo{
        function bar($str) {
                switch ($str) {
                        case 'a': 
                                if (isset($var)) {
                                        echo 'No } after this line';

This kind of programming error is easy to find with good editor, though. 


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