ID: 9351
Updated by: sniper
Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Closed
Bug Type: LDAP related
Assigned To: venaas

No feedback.


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[2001-02-20 04:38:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I think the problem might be that the LDAP server doesn't
support it. Please try searching with ldapsearch command
line utility and see if that works. What LDAP libraries
and server are you using?


[2001-02-20 03:39:23] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I use PHP to connect ldap service for searching and modifing information. For search a 
entry, i use this:
$filter="(date >= 20010116)";
then use ldap_search($ld,$dn,$filter);
but seems the function can't work.
surprisingly, if i use 
$filter="(date = 20010116)";  //change '>=' to '='
it works.
so, can anyone tell me what's the wrong with it?
thanks a lot.


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