ID: 10089
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Compile Failure
Description: gd1.8.4 compiled into php causes compile failure, gif isn't supported

Thanks for all your help Jani,

It was a stray gd.h file. Got to love where Red Hat puts some of its files.

Did what you sugested and it compiled/installed fine

Once again thank you


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[2001-04-01 19:25:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Thanks for your help Jani.

It was a rogue gd.h file. Deleted it and rconfigured and recompiled php.

Now it works with .png files. Once again thnanks for your help.
Got to love where Red Hat installs stuff :(



[2001-04-01 12:56:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Did you check for older gd.h (ie. not matching the libgd ?)
in your system? And after removing those and reinstalling
GD try this:

1. delete config.cache
2. configure with your configure line
3. 'make clean ; make ; make install'



[2001-04-01 07:48:39] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
sorry, i forgot that..
./configure --with-apxs --with-msql --with-gd


[2001-03-31 17:31:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
1. There is no GIF support in GD 1.8.4 
2. What was the configure line used to configure PHP?

Most likely you have got some old gd.h somewhere in 
your system which is found by PHP configure.
Try removing every old remains of GD library and reinstall



[2001-03-31 07:40:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
While compiling php with gd support it completely stops. gd now no longer supports gif 
files. Because of this while running "make" it cause the compile to crash because the 
associated "gif" commands are not recognised.
I found by editing the gd.c file under ext dir and removing anything with "gif" in it 
I could finish the compilation.

By the way PHP is a top language and I love using it. Only just starting with it



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