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The support for smime was just added into openssl extension
in CVS.

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[2001-04-02 07:26:05] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This is not the place to ask support questions under any circumstances whatso ever. 
Please read bugs dos and donts before posting another bug report.

You might like to try passing arguments to another command line programm or openssl 
might support this (currently undocumented but can be found in php4/ext/openssl



[2001-04-02 07:21:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sorry but this isn't really a bug, but I'm running out of people to ask.  I've tried 
all the documentation FAQ's i can find and posted to lots of php users groups but 
haven't had a single reply.

I would just like to ask if anyone knows how to send SMIME encrypted email (preferably 
using 168 bit 3DES) using a php script.  I've got a thawte certificate on my web 
server and I have a personal certificate on my machine here.  I've sent a signed email 
to root@mywebserver so it's got my public key for encryption.

I'm a 3rd year university student on placement doing web programming.  I can normally 
find out what I need to know from the manual or my fellow students as there is no 
programmer at this company besides me so I get no help or training.  I would really 
appreciate it if someone has the time to help me with this as I'm really stuck now.

Thanx :-)


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