ID: 10121
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: PostgreSQL related
Description: Case Sensitive Associative Arrays

Rereading that last line its a little confusing.
If you want to input table or column names as mixed case you need to enclose them in 
quotes otherwise they are lowered.  Then when you make a query you would also need to 
enclose the query names in quotes as it is also lowered automatically if there are no 
quotes.  However this behavior is not shared by associative arrays in PHP for some 

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[2001-04-02 16:11:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The scenario is described here:

mydb=> CREATE TABLE test ( U_Name char(50), U_Pass char(16) );
mydb=> INSERT INTO test values ('Bob', 'password');


$conn = pg_connect("dbname=mydb");
$result = pg_exec($conn, "select U_Name, U_Pass from test")
$arr = pg_fetch_array($result, 0);
echo "U_Name: " + $arr[U_Name] + " U_Pass: " + $arr[U_Pass] + "<BR>";
echo "u_name: " + $arr[u_name] + " u_pass: " + $arr[u_pass] + "<BR>";

results that are printed:U_Name:  U_Pass: 
                         u_name: Bob u_pass: password

( arr[0] = Bob, arr[1] = password)

U_Name is not being automatically lowercased when using associative arrays.  As of 
v6.1 PostgreSQL lowercases all table names as well as all columns.  So searching on 
mixed case or uppercase names will not work unless they are enclosed in quotes..


Full Bug description available at:

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