ID: 10125
Updated by: phildriscoll
Status: Closed
Bug Type: IIS related
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The error is (surprise surprise) that MSCOMCTL.OCX which should be registered on your 
system, isn't.
The installer program (and many many others) use this DLL to provide widgets like 
progress bars.

It may be that the file exists on your system but is just not correctly registered.

(The following is true for NT4 - things may be different on W2K)
There should be a file called REGSVR32.EXE on your WinNT\System32 directory and also a 
file called MSCOMCTL.OCX in the same directory.
If not, you will have to get them, maybe from your NT CD or perhaps by downloading 
them from somewhere on the Microsoft site.
Once the files are there, from the command line type:

The installer should then work.

A VB wizard somewhere in the world is modifying the installer to do this automatically 
so that the small percentage of users this affects will avoid the inconvenience.

Previous Comments:

[2001-04-02 17:37:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please contact phill driscoll, [EMAIL PROTECTED], directly. THis error is normally 
caused by mscomctl.ocx not being registered properly. Your second error is somthing 
unrelated to PHP but looks like some problem with northwind examples or somthing like 



[2001-04-02 17:33:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
i have a strange bug here, don't now where to search.
when i install php with setup.exe on my win 2000 server, there is a error message:

- component mscomctl.ocx or one of its dependencies not correctly registered, a file 
is missing or invalid

after clicking on OK, php setup says OK, successfull installation. 
i check the isapi extension in IIS 5.0 --> nothing
so, i did manual configuration
every php-script is terminating with a
http error 500 - internal server error
in the system-event-protocol i have an error 10004:
EventID 10004 Source DCOM DCOM got error "Logon failure: unknown user name or bad 
password. " and was unable to logon redmondcomstud in order to run the server: 

or similar

same happens with an installation of IHTML or other script-server dll....

who can help?


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