Andi Gutmans wrote:
> You can get RC6 at (no time to
> commit to phpweb cvs and wait for it to update, if someone has time then
> even better, I need some sleep :)
> In case you're testing it within the next few hours you might need to
> "touch *" the files in the php4/ directory because of timezone differences
> (didn't anyone get bitten by this in the past? ).
> Anyway, as usual, please test it on all the platforms you have. Try not to
> find bugs but if you do then let everyone know.
> Happy testing. Hopefully this is the last RC but remember the most
> important thing is to have a stable release.

  I'm still unable to pass any tests on my Solaris 7 x86 box. No idea why :(.
  Even "Hello World" test doesn't work. 
  I'm afraid there could be a problem with popen() call in run-tests.php.
  The older version of php (some works much beeter with the same
  Best Regards,

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