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Status: Closed
Bug Type: MySQL related
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Solved -> closed.


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[2001-04-03 09:20:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
The bug wasn't a php or Mysql bug but an antivirus bug.
I use e-safe desktop (3.0), and he doesn't let php and Mysql work. The problem was 
pretty difficult to find, because i didn't get any error message. If it happens to 
anyone on W9x, hope this will help.
Thank you for all.


[2001-03-31 09:36:51] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
a few things would help:
a _short_ script that reproduces the behavior
mysql config file


[2001-03-27 08:27:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
PHP is working perfectly for pages that doesn't call mysql connection.
When I try to call a page that contains a connection with my sql. The page doesn't 
load. I don't have any error output, and it seems that the page doesn't load. I tried 
to wait for the page to load, but even 1 hour after calling the page, there's still a 
blank page.
On the other side, if i have a look on what's running on the computer 
(CTRL+ALT+SUPPR), I can see Php running. It looks like if PHP is launched, but doesn't 
Any help welcome


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