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Bug Type: IIS related
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either that, or you have error_reporting set to E_ALL in php.ini. decrease the value.

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[2001-04-03 01:24:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
No, it probably just means that you don't have the register_globals
option turned on. See the manual for more information:

By the way, you should also check out:

for information on asking questions about PHP; there are a lot of
bug reports and it helps if people ask to find out whether it really
might be a bug before reporting it as one.


[2001-04-03 00:39:36] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
On Unix, I don't need to declare variables.  With IIS, I try to check if a 
QUERY_STRING variables exists, with "if ($x != "") { echo $x; }".  It works fine on 
Unix, but with IIS, it says that $x is not defined.

I could check if it exists under the HTTP_GET_ variables ... but I don't want to go 
through that hassle.  Is this a bug with IIS? 


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