ID: 5226
Updated by: cnewbill
Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Analyzed
Old-Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
Bug Type: Feature/Change Request
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oops, forgot feature request.


Previous Comments:

[2001-04-04 00:49:25] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Reclassifying as a feature request, regardless of whether it happens anytime soon. :)



This is a repeat of 5226, but I couldn't add anything without a password, which I 
didn't have.

In that bug, [EMAIL PROTECTED] didn't understand the example that was given. What 
happens is this: if you have


and then do array_pop($a), you now have $a[0]="five", not $a[5]="five", as I would 

Despite not understanding the example, stas answered the question: that's the way the 
zend engine works. But you don't see that as a problem?


[2000-06-28 10:20:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Presently, all splice-derived functions reorder numeric keys.
There's not much to do about it, since it's the way Zend Engine handles numeric hash 
Changing it either way won't bring more consistent  functionality, so in the meantime 
it is just as it is.


[2000-06-25 19:01:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
AFAIU that's exactly what pop should do - pop element from array.
Why should it insert empty element on top?


[2000-06-25 18:56:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
  $A[1] = 'A';
  $A[2] = 'B';
  $A[3] = 'C';
  $DUMP = array_pop($A);
  for ($i=0; $i<=sizeof($A); $i++) {
    print "$i = ".$A[$i]."<br>n";


0 = A
1 = B
2 = 

but should return 

0 =
1 = A
2 = B


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