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[2001-03-31 09:22:09] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
what are the relevant lines from your httpd.conf?


[2001-03-21 12:35:27] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I installed PHP4.0.4 from the PHP4_win32 distribution on a win98 machine with DUN not 
connected to internet. Use Netscape and type:  The apache test page 
comes up.  Edited the httpd.conf for PHP and typed:

An error about an internal server error was reported on the browser.  The apache 
error.log had an entry stating" Premature end of script headers in c:/program 

The php.ini file is the defalault from the PHP404.exe setup.  I did confirm the 
extensions_ line is pointing to my php directory.

I selected the interbase extension only, dm and one other were enabled by default so I 
left them.  I have MySQL installed on the machine but not running.

I would like to use the machine for local (not connected) development when on the 


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