ID: 10136
User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Status: Open
Bug Type: Mail related
Description: Function mail() does not work properly

OK, I found the problem, folks !!

If you want to send messages in Cc: and Bcc: and personnalize to name of the To: 
recipients, I found a topic in newsgroup, you have to :
put all adresses (including To:, Cc: and Bcc: adress) in the $to field of mail 
function and then in the header, you put in to: bcc: and cc: the correct adresses... 
By this way, the mail function will properly put the adresses in the right fields, 
example :
$from = "Test PHP <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n";
$headers = "To: Nono <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n";
$headers .= "cc: Admin CEnet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n";
$headers .= "Bcc: Hidden test <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>";

mail ($to,"my subject","my (nice !) body","From: $from".$headers);

It works...

But now the real bug (yes it is !!) is when typing "Cc:" instead of "cc:" => It looks 
like there's a emalloc error allocating -875642131 bytes (the number is not ever the 
same)... Think I'll open a new bug entry !!! 

Previous Comments:

[2001-04-04 03:20:25] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Seems to work but i need to put addresses between <> for mail from: and rcpt to: 


[2001-04-03 17:25:29] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
i'd suggest one thing - try this (it will give more light if the problem is in your 

telnet localhost 25
helo there
mail from: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
from: "your name" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
subject: some subject

some nice body


[2001-04-03 09:57:57] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
First, I tried making mail() function work() on a Win2k - IIS 5.0 server and on 
Win98SE - Apache 1.3.19 both with PHP 4.0.4pl1.

there are several things wrong (so far it wouldn't be me the problem ;-) ) :
- first :
mail ("Arnaud <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>","A subject here","A message body here",...);
(as mentioned in PHP manual), It won't work, i have a "Warning: Server error on 
blabla.php3:lineXX" but if the "To:" Field is replace by just an email adress : 
mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]",....); this would work... So I can't send mails with the name 
of the recipients properly set (just their email adress)...
NB: Multiple "To:" Recipients works but only with email adresses

That's not the most important problem for me, the most important is Cc: and Bcc: won't 
The manual mentions to add From: Cc: and Bcc: information, in the fourth parameters 
(the headers)... So I tried :
mail("[EMAIL PROTECTED]","A subject here","A (very nice !) body here","From: The 
Administrator <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>nBcc: My Friend <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>nCc: My Father 
it obviously doesn't work :-(( (that's why I'm writing you !!)
There are several things to say :
- The From: section of headers works well, nothing to say about it... No problem
- Seems the Bcc: part is just ignored, nothing happen, no mail is sent to Bcc: address
- For Cc:, when typed "cc:" (all lowercase) seems to be ignored but when typed "Cc:" 
=> It looks like there is a memory leak or something like that both IIS and Apache 
return me a "emalloc() : unable to allocate -851230 bytes"... The number of 
unallocated bytes is not ever the same but this is the same error message...

Extra info :
- On both config, the mail server is a local mail server (FTGate
- It seems that this bug is similar to #9858 and #9859 in the bug database


Full Bug description available at:

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