ID: 10187
Updated by: derick
Old-Status: Open
Status: Analyzed
Bug Type: mcrypt related
Assigned To: derick

Another mcrypt bug, I'll check this one out. It may be a platform depended bug BTW.

Previous Comments:

[2001-04-05 11:29:52] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
First, the "--disable-posix-threads" requirement for libmcrypt isn't a requirement 
anymore.  As of libmcrypt 2.4.x, you don't need it.

Second, I think you should be using the 2.4.x-style mcrypt functions.  Look at example 
2 at

Third, blowfish is broken in libmcrypt.  It will encode/decode internally, but don't 
rely on it if you need to pass data to a non-PHP application (e.g. Perl).

- Colin


[2001-04-05 11:24:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Using libmcrypt-2.4.10 on Mac OS X 10.0, compiled with 

--with-apache=/usr/local/src/apache_1.3.19 --with-mysql=/
usr/local --with-mcrypt --enable-track-vars --disable-debug

My sample script:


$stuff = mcrypt_cbc(MCRYPT_BLOWFISH,"This is my key","this 
is my message",MCRYPT_ENCRYPT);
print base64_encode($stuff);


produces this error:

Warning: mcrypt module initialization failed in /Users/
clewis/dev/website/public/asdf.php on line 3

libmcrypt was compiled with --disable-posix-threads as 
suggested on the PHP mcrypt page.  


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