Try this patch, which also adds support for FLT8.  Also, this applies to 
both PHP3 and PHP4, and the sybase_ct functions don't have this problem.

--- sybase.c.orig       Mon Feb  7 16:54:51 2000
+++ sybase.c    Mon Apr  3 12:12:00 2000
@@ -635,9 +640,13 @@
                         result->type = IS_STRING;
-               /*case SYBFLT8:*/
+               case SYBFLT8:
+                       result->value.dval = *(DBFLT8 
+                       result->type = IS_DOUBLE;
+                       break;
                 case SYBREAL: {
-                       result->value.dval = (double) floatcol(offset);
+                       result->value.dval = (double)(*(DBREAL 
                         result->type = IS_DOUBLE;

At 08:06 PM 05/04/01 +0000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Operating system: Linux Mandrake (redhat) 7.0
>PHP version:      4.0.3pl1
>PHP Bug Type:     Sybase (dblib) related
>Bug description:  sybase_query with sybase_fetch_row displays real data 
>type incorrectly
>Queries that produce incorrect data is random, but will consistently 
>happen within a particular query.  In one case, the last value of a 
>fetched row (a real), in the last row was "1" in the database, but the 
>returned array always displayed "0".  In another case, a value (a real) in 
>the middle of the returned array in the database was supposed to be 
>"65000" but the fetched array contained "0".  In both cases I copied the 
>query from the code EXACTLY and ran it in isql and those results were 
>correct.  So the errors are occuring somewhere in php land.  This error 
>seems serious since no errors/messages are produced, but the data 
>displayed is incorrect.  Sybase's real data type is machine-dependent, and 
>my database is on a Solaris system.  But if isql on my linux php machine 
>fetches data correctly, I would expect php to be able to do the same.
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