Hello everyone,

I have been thinking about creating a PHP extension that supports
Application variables for several days. This is to better support caching
and shared variables.

Then I realised that most of the functionality for supporting Application
variables can be adapted from the session module. In fact by getting all php
pages to share one session_id, application variables will work already.

Setting the session id would even be a good idea as a means of controlling
application namespaces. Eg. in a shared hosting environment, every host will
use a different namespace for their Application variables.

The only problem with this approach is it is not easy to have session and
the simulated application variables active, or am I wrong?

What does everyone think of this suggestion. I would be willing to modify
the session code to support this functionality, or fork the session code to
create a new extension for this stuff.

Any suggestions, pointers and advice?

Thanks again -- John Lim

PS: How do i get a CVS account to do this?

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