From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: NT Server 
PHP version:      Earlier? Upgrade first!
PHP Bug Type:     Mail related
Bug description:  Crash sending files as attachment

I'm trying to attach a file to a mail, that I'm sending with the mail()-function. To 
attach the file I'm using the class named  (Comes from Wrox: Pro. PHP 

But when the files gets a size about 1000 bytes, php.exe comes with this error-message:

OleMainThreadName: php.exe - Application Error

The instruction at "0x00449bc4" referenced memory at "0x0048a000". The memory could 
not be "written".

I'm using fopen() and fread() to read the content of my files into a string. Then I 
give this string to the Mime_Mail class. And when it try to send the Multiparted mail 
with Mail() the above error raises.

Yours, Anders Hansen
System Developer
Maersk-IT - Denmark

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