Last time I checked it was still valid.  I was still unable to access on the
NT 4.0 SP6/Windows 2000 box.


Eric Ballou

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Is this still valid in the current PHP releases?

Second, if it is, is your Oracle setup configured to allow your Win98
machine access?

Previous Comments:

[2000-09-14 01:23:04] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Installed PHP4.02 on NT 4 and 98.  NT has IIS3/PWS and 98 has PWS.  Install
went fine on 98 after following numerous notes.  After installing on NT
scripts are able to run, however I am unable to connect to Oracle DB.  I
haven't figured out where the oracle module is (or how to install it for
PHP) so I use ODBC connection and script.  Granted the code isn't pretty as
I get errors with the output, but it works on the 98 machine fine.

I get the following error:

Warning: SQL error: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]Server rejected the connection., SQL
state 08004 in SQLConnect in D:Reportsbad.php on line 19
Error in odbc_connect
Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid ODBC result resource in
D:Reportsbad.php on line 14

Suggestions and instructions needed.

Code also follows:

//      test_odbc.php3
//      A sample PHP script to test ODBC under PHP / WinNT
//      Leo West - 08/1998

function Error_Handler( $msg, $cnx )
        echo "$msg n";
                // in case of persistent connexion, it is important to close
it before exiting.
        odbc_free_result( $cnx);

        // create an ODBC connection, returned in $cnx
        $cnx = odbc_connect( "WebDB","SA","");

//      To avoid permission troubles in the test, you may want to use a
superadmin access :
//      $cnx = odbc_connect( 'WebDB' , [sa login] , [sa password] );

        if( ! $cnx ) {
                Error_handler( "Error in odbc_connect" , $cnx );

        // send a simple odbc query . returns an odbc cursor
        $cur= odbc_exec( $cnx, "select name from matters order by name" );
        if( ! $cur ) {
                Error_handler( "Error in odbc_exec( no cursor returned ) " ,
$cnx );

        echo "<table border=1><tr><th>id</th><th>nom</th></tr>n";

                // fetch the succesive result rows
        while( odbc_fetch_row( $cur ) )
                        // get the field "id"
                $id= odbc_result( $cur, 1 );
                        // get the field "nom"
                $nom= odbc_result( $cur, 2 );
                echo "<tr><td>$id</td><td>$nom</td></tr>n";

        echo "<tr><td colspan=2>$nbrow entries </td></tr></table>";

                // close the connection. important if persistent connection
are "On"
        odbc_close( $cnx);



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