ID: 8451
Updated by: sniper
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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Compile Failure
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No feedback. If this happens with soon to be released PHP 4.0.5 too, reopen this bug 


Previous Comments:

[2001-03-09 21:26:14] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Have you tried the latest CVS ?


[2000-12-28 10:02:41] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Try loading the php4ts.dsw workspace instead and build the thread safe versions of 
things. That should work ok. Let us know how you get on.

Question to any dev who knows about this stuff: is the non ts build now obsolete (ie 
the php4.dsw), and if so, should it be removed from the source?


[2000-12-28 08:59:59] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
When I try to build the php4dll project, it fails in main.c.

It is tripping over the include of win32/time.h.  I would strongly recommend changing 
the names of any php custom modules to include a prefix of 'php_'.  

My workaround involved doing just that.  So far, the only two that I changed were 
time.h and signal.h.  I think the MS environment may behave a little strange compared 
to UNIX ;-)  

Also, I found the php3 build process to be very smooth, definitely a sign of maturity. 
 The php4 process is still a little rough.

There is another omission with compiling of one of the parser modules, I will submit 
that as another bug.

I'm using version 6.0 sp3, enterprise edition.


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