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Updated by: sbergmann
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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Reproduceable crash
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I cannot reproduce this one:

  (0xC00000050, ADDRESS:0x7800d269)

The other errors are related to missing 3rd party libraries, needed in order to use 
the mentioned extensions.

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-31 10:52:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
do you actually have these dlls?
also, most of them require external stuff (client libraries) to work.


[2001-01-20 19:49:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I just downloaded the full version of php 4 and installed
it on my NT 4 workstation with 128 Mb RAM last night,
and had it up and running in no time.  I tested it with
an application I've written in php 3 consisting of about
6,000 lines of code spread over 7 pages, and 
everything seems to work fine so far ( it accesses
multiple databases ).

All I can say is you took a great piece of software in
php 3 and made it even better in php 4 - I couldn't
sleep last night looking forward to trying some of
the new database functions!  Keep up the good work.

I did notice the following bugs with some of the extensions
when I tried to load a page :

;extension=php_exif.dll        CAUSES php.exe TO CRASH WITH ACCESS VIOLATION 
(0xC00000050, ADDRESS:0x7800d269

;extension=php_ingres.dll      DYNAMIC LIBRARY OIAPI.DLL MISSING
;extension=php_interbase.dll   ORDINAL 261 COULDN NOT BE LOCATED IN gds.dll

;extension=php_sybase_ct.dll  DYNAMIC LINL LIBRARY libct.dll MISSING
;extension=php_yaz.dll        PROCEDURE ENTRY POINT yaz_oi_set_string_oidval MISSING 
IN yaz.dll

Thanks again

Phil Pearl

ps I'm running Apache and was using Netscape browser.


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