ID: 9454
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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Scripting Engine problem
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No feedback. If this happens also with soon to be released 
PHP 4.0.5, reopen this bug report with a short example
script that can be used to reproduce this.


Previous Comments:

[2001-03-08 06:40:50] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please provide a short code reproducing the problem.


[2001-02-26 16:34:15] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
This problem seems to be related to the bug 9407 also.
I am not sure it is due to the garbage collector.
I ran it as a CGI or with ISAPI filter, I increased the amount of memeory a thread 
could take until 13Mb, with Linux also.
I destroyed the process...

I think it is due to a buffer overflow somewhere when a reference is built, or 
something like that.

Good luck


[2001-02-26 05:18:27] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I got in trouble with reference.
Issues with Linux, Mandrake 7.2 and Windows 2000
with PHP 4.04pl1, php 4.0.3 php 4.0.1pl2

I am unable to give small script, the problem seems to appear only on big script, some 
refences seems to be messed up.

What I did.
I used MySql to query a system.
When I check the result of a query, I got a resource ID
But sometimes, the resource ID is a big number, ie 18739485
I belived the problem came from MySql, but I used ODBC to find a turn around, with the 
same problem.
The worst is the such a resource is working well after for the next_record statement.

Then, I realize a dump of a big variable, that contains references of objects, of 
And one of this variable inside is at the beginning a number, and becomes a reference 
to another object. I checked the code, and the variable is written only once.

Something else, I write to the screen a string using printf() or echo sprintf(), and I 
find this string in the big variable.

Worst, I notice some strange characters in this object (with ascii code >127)

It seems that in some condition, the memory manager doesn't work well. With my code, 
PHP hangs on while it is trying to print a resource ID variable (on Unix or PHP).

I can send you my code if you are interested in. For a core file, I didn't compile 
PHP- Linux with the debug option. Do you know how I can do the same thing with 

Hope that helps


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