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Status: Closed
Bug Type: Filesystem function related
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No feedback and most likely the missing 'b' issue.


Previous Comments:

[2001-03-01 22:10:22] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Try adding 'b' into fopen:

$image=fopen("track.gif", "rb");

Check the manual page for fopen:



[2001-03-01 11:19:51] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I was previously using fopen() and fpassthru to grab a gif image and pass it to the 
browser. This worked fine.
Then I installed PHP4.0.4pl1 and the image that now gets returned is garbled (the 
image appears to be the right dimensions, but filesize shows 150 bytes, not 406 bytes 
which is what the image actually is).

On any html page the following line was installed:

<IMG src="track.php?ref=12345">

track.php then looks like this:

  $image = fopen ("track.gif", "r");

  fpassthru ($image);

I tried the same with the readfile() function, as follows:


same result.

Other file I/O appears to be fine.


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