What does mysql_query() return?  Did you try checking mysql_error()?  In 
order to debug it, a good start would be removing the @ marks from your 
MySQL statements, so that if there are any errors, you'd see them.


At 17:12 12/4/2001, Joshua Butcher wrote:
>I am using code that used to work... I am trying to connect to a database to
>validate a logon. I get a user ID and password from an HTML file, passed to
>my PHP script. It fetches the query, but it always returns 1, even if I pass
>a password that is invalid. The query does not get returned to PHP properly.
>I had PHP spit out the SQL string it uses and I pasted it into my MySQL
>administrator and executed it to perfection.
>I also checked my mysqld.log file and noted that mySQL is in fact executing
>the query properly when PHP asks it to, and it is executing the proper
>query, PHP just does not get the proper data back. I know the SQL server is
>fine, because other databases work, and even other PHP code works, but this
>snippet won't.
>I can connect to the CANNON datasbase through Microsoft Access and myODBC,
>so the data is fine.
>Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
>echo "<br>[$DBConn]<br>";
>@mysql_select_db("CANNON",$DBConn) || DIE("Cannot select Database X");
>$uid = $HTTP_POST_VARS["userid"];
>$pwd = $HTTP_POST_VARS["password"];
>$strSQL="Select UserID,Password From Users Where Active<>0 AND UserID='$uid'
>AND Password='$pwd'";
>$result = @mysql_query("Select * From Users") || DIE ("<br><b>Could not
>query database...</b>");
>$count=@mysql_num_rows($result) || DIE("Could not count records in
>recordset"); //ERROR HERE
>if ($count == 0)
>$FinalTag="<META HTTP-EQUIV=\"REFRESH\" CONTENT=\"0;URL=login.htm\">";
>$FinalTag="<META HTTP-EQUIV=\"REFRESH\" CONTENT=\"0;URL=test.php\">";
>if ($x==1)
>echo $FinalTag;
>//echo $FinalTag;
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