From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: FreeBSD 4.1-RELEASE
PHP version:      4.0.3pl1
PHP Bug Type:     *URL Functions
Bug description:  "urldecode" decodes url-encoded cyrillic strings incorrectly.

     //Write encoding
     echo "Src: ".urlencode("Запись успешно изменена")."<br>\n";
     //Wrong decoding
     echo "Src-Dst: ".urldecode(urlencode("Запись успешно изменена"))."<br>\n";
     //Write encoding of wrong decoding. See the difference!!!
     echo "Src-Dst-Src: ".urlencode(urldecode(urlencode("Запись успешно 

'./configure' '--without-x' '--enable-track-vars' 
'--with-apache=../apache_1.3.14rusPL30.0' '--with-mod_charset' '--with-gd' 
'--enable-ftp' '--with-mysql=/usr/local' '--with-pcre-regex'

Here you can see dump of phpinfo() function in our

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