On 14 Apr 2001 20:14:53 -0700, Dan Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> 256meg is good for upto about 10 concurrent clients, much more and the
>> server starts to grind, i have 192meg in a box that serves
>> 5000pages/day.
>Is this the consensus of the list?  Is PHP THIS much of a hog?  I can't
>really believe this....

It's not even remotely true unless you're running PHP as a CGI and using some
particularly resource-intensive code. For reference, I have a development
system with a 500Mhz Athlon and 320MB. This is not a tuned system - somewhat
the opposite, in fact. I have code which queries MySQL to generate some XML and
then uses XSLT to turn it into HTML - this sustains somewhere around 45 hits /
second with 50 simultaneous clients; simple scripts hit ~155 hits / second.

If you were to create a tuned PHP build and run it with a tuned Apache / MySQL
using one of the script caches (Zend, APC, BWare) these numbers would go up



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