ID: 9732
Updated by: jmoore
Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Closed
Bug Type: IIS related
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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Please try this with 4.0.5 when it is released and repoen report if the problem still 

In relation to MSCOMCTL.OCX that is used by the installer if you install manually it 
will avoid this. Please ensure asp tags are off. If this still occurs please provide 
as much information about your configuration settings as possible and reopen the 

- James

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[2001-03-13 21:23:02] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
do you have the "asp_tags" configuration value enabled or disable?


[2001-03-13 20:10:07] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I've downloaded the ISAPI flavour of PHP 4.04pl1, and installed the DLL's under MS-WIN 
2000 Server (IIS 5.0)following the instructions. The problem: since the first PHP page 
is connected from the server, all ASP functions stop to work! As well as the PHP 
I was forced to remove PHP functions from my server. There's another version - CGI-BIN 
executable mode - wich I was unable to install, I get an error message: MSCOMCTL.OCX 
is missing. I've checked other Win2K servers, and also the Microsoft Download website, 
but was unable to find this library.
Where should I go? This problem is keepin' away my company from offer PHP functions 
along the network, and there is no possibility to migrate to an Unix/Linux server 
right now. So, I'm waiting for some tip in order to run PHP (ISAPI or CGI-BIN version, 
at your pleasure) in my poor IIS 5.0 server.


Fernando Teodoro
Rantac Comunicações


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