ID: 9804
Updated by: jmoore
Old-Status: Feedback
Status: Closed
Bug Type: GD related
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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This is caused by  gd not returhning an imagepointer and from the sounds of it is a 
bug in GD and not PHP, the error message is slightly misleading although this is the 
most likley cause. If the same script is working with php created jpegs etc then your 
images are either being corrupted or its a bug in GD. It does not look like a bug in 

- James

Previous Comments:

[2001-03-17 13:17:38] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Please add a shortest possible script into this bug report
which can be used to reproduce this problem.



[2001-03-17 05:28:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
in my original post, I made refernce to WBMP files.  that should have been GIF files, 
not WBMP. So the problem im having is with GIF, and JPEG files.


[2001-03-17 04:22:24] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'm attempting to create a script that accepts  bmp and jpg files uploaded by a user 
and converts them into jpg or bmp files as requested by the user, using the 
ImageCreateFromWBMP, and ImageJPEG functions. But, each time I upload a BMP or JPEG 
image, I get the message:

"Warning: imagecreatefromwbmp: 'image.bmp' is not a valid WBMP file in 
/script/location/here.php on line#"

These BMP and jpeg images are created in photoshop 5.5, and windows paint program on 
win 2000, and 98 platforms and according to thos programs, the file-types are valid.

But, if I use the imagecreate function to generate a  jpeg image (from a string of 
text), save, and upload that jpeg file to my server, then run the same script on it to 
convert it to another file format, no error/warning messages are generated.... So 
apparantly, php can work on images generated by a php script, but no others.

What makes it even more odd, is that upon uploading an image (one made in photoshop or 
paint) using my script, I have it setup such that a confirmation screen is generated 
where the users are provided with the size and format/type of the uploaded file, and 
theyre always reported as being:
or image/bmp
yet they are flagged as invalid when another php script attempts to manipulate them.

is the problem on my end, am I doing something wrong? Is it that php can't handle 
images created by photoshop  and paint?  or is that the criteria used to validate the 
image format in php is flawed?



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