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[2000-12-02 09:23:30] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have been playing with php for quite long, and have many chances answering people 
question in

But, this is a question that noone can answer yet :

When you install PHP4 in Win98 (I install both in Apache for Win and PWS, and some has 
similar problem in IIS) :

file : try.php
system("dir/w > c:\dir.txt");
print join("",file("c:\dir.txt");

The execution of system() runs ok, but the 2'nd statement is never executed (the 
browser simply hang).
But if I do :
C:>php try.php

it runs ok !!

When I do exec() or system() or variant of it, PHP always open a new window (DOS) to 
perform the task, but then it failed to kill that process (or failed to return the 
handler to web server itself)...

If this is a really bug, then Zend must consider this is a serious bug since many 
people have asked "how to delete a file in Win/PWS - NT/IIS" simply because they can't 
do unlink() and using exec() always fail ...

Oh ya, you may also notice if() statement :

if ($x=1 && $myname="alex" || $x=2) print "$x $myname";

it will print "1 1" ?? whereas in Perl (and other prog language) should print "1 alex" 

it may cause bug if someone write :

function f1()
{if (???) return 1; else return "a";}

function f2()
{if (???) return 2; else return "b";}

function f3()
{if (???) return 3; else return "c";}

if ($x=f1() || $x=f2() || $x=f3())
   print "function(s) debug value : $x";

It will do wrongly ...


Alexander Yanuar Koentjara
System Developer


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