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Old-Status: Open
Status: Closed
Bug Type: Documentation problem
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
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they should be in the extension dir specified in php.ini which is clearly documented 
through out the configuration docs.


Previous Comments:

[2001-04-04 14:38:20] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
When I was having the problem, I could load certain extensions just fine (e.g., 
php_gd.dll and php_db.dll). However, the database extensions would not load.

My interpretation is that the database DLLs depend on one or more of the DLLs that are 
provided in the dll directory of the distribution. Perhaps there's another way to get 
Windows to find those DLLs without putting them in the WINNT directory (setting the 
path, maybe?).


[2001-04-04 13:49:48] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It would be good to get to the bottom of this. If anyone out there understands what 
Windows does in these circumstances, can they shed some light on proceedings.

I don't have any of the databases that need extensions, so the only extension I 
routinely use is GD, however it is my experience on NT4 that I never have to stick any 
dll (php or otherwise) in winnt or winnt/system32 unless it is going to be shared by 
some other application. I can always just put them in the same directory as the 
program that calls them and all is well.

Is W2K different, or are the database extension dlls different.

We need to know, not only for the installation notes, but also for the installer 
software which sticks things in c:/php by default.


[2001-04-04 13:27:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have PHP running as CGI on IIS5.0 (Windows 2000 Advanced Server). I followed exactly 
the instructions in the install.txt document.

When I tried to load certain extensions (any database extensions, specifically), 
php.exe would hang, with the complaint that "Warning : Unable to load dynamic library 
'./php_mssql70.dll' - The specified module could not be found."

In searching the bug reports here, I found the suggestion to copy the contents of the 
php/dll directory to winntsystem32. That fixed the problem.

The "install.txt" document should mention this.


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