I found libgd.a from an old version just after sending this email.

So, all compiles and runs without error now.  I just don't get an image.

Have you actually produced an image with this?

Brian Moon
Phorum Dev Team - Making better forums with PHP

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From: "Wez Furlong" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2001 11:48 AM
Subject: Re: [PHP-DEV] GD 2.0.1 and FreeType 2

> On 2001-04-17 15:47:09, "Brian Moon" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Everything compiles fine.  However, now I get this when calling
> > ImageTTFBBox:
> >
> > <b>Warning</b>:  libgd was not built with TrueType font support
> >
> > I simply installed gd and FreeType per their instructions with no
> > Any ideas?
> That message comes from gd, but not from GD 2.0, so I would guess that PHP
linked to your old gd library.
> Try using --with-gd=/path/to/gd2
> where libgd.so lives in /path/to/gd2/lib, or alternatively, remove the
older gd library from your system (if it's a shared lib, make sure that
nothing else is dynamically linked to it first!).
> The sheer variety of places where gd gets installed makes it difficult to
pick a particular version if you have more than one installed :-/
> --Wez.

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