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Operating system: 
PHP version:      4.0.4pl1
PHP Bug Type:     Documentation problem
Bug description:  Depreciated features or not

There are features/functions that are depreciated or going to be depreciated.
It is nice to see what is depreciated and is going to be depreciated in the PHP 
Manual. (Although, there is "Migrating from ...." section. List of them would be nice 
and some of them is not docuemented. There aren't many as far as I know especially 
after 4.0.0.)

I guess depreciated feature/function/etc are not on the manual, but it hard to tell 
w/o document if they are just not documented or depreciated and deleted.

It would be also nice to encourage/discourage use of feature/function/etc for 
current/future release.

Examples are:
 - accessing string as array and modify string as array
 - <?php_track_vars?> (It's in NEWS and user could know it's depreciated, though)
 - set_nonblock()
 - Assoc array index without quote. For example,
$str = "This is $arr[element] and you will NOT see warning with E_ALL and this works";
 - track_vars always on for 4.0.3(It's in NEWS, though)
 - magic_quote = off in php.ini for 4.1?

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