From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: RedHat 7.0
PHP version:      4.0 Latest CVS (18/04/2001)
PHP Bug Type:     DBM/DBA related
Bug description:  dba_*open with mode 'c' problem

db3 support compiled in without problems, all functions
available and working.

apache-1.3.19, php snapshot from today.
db3 3.1.14-6, devel, utils, stock rpm install in rhl-7.0.

database directory is "drwxrwxrwt";

using dba_open or dba_popen, with mode 'c', if the
database doesn't exist, it is created and the function
performs as expected. If the database already exists,
the function should open the database for read/write
access. Instead, it throws:

driver initialization failed...

despite having just created the database itself.

For example:

$dbpath = "/usr/local/db3data/test/testdb3.db3";
$dbmode = "c";
$dbhandler = "db3";

$dbh = dba_popen($dbpath,$dbmode,$dbhandler);
$mykey = "mykey";
$myval = "Hello World";
if (!dba_exists($mykey,$dbh)) {
   echo "Key doesn't exist, adding it.<br>\n";
   dba_insert ($mykey, $myval, $dbh);               
else {
   $storedval = dba_fetch($mykey, $dbh);        
   echo $storedval;

This snippet will work as expected if the database
doesn't exist. If it does, the error occurs, where
according to the docs it should just open the database
for read write access.

If the database exists and I change the mode to 'w',
expected behaviour occurs.

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