ID: 10252
Updated by: kalowsky
Old-Status: Closed
Status: Open
Bug Type: ODBC related
PHP Version: 4.0.4pl1
Assigned To: 

pssst... Joey... you need to submit the changes to CVS BEFORE you close the bug ;)

Previous Comments:

[2001-04-17 23:42:00] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Closed in CVS. I actually used strlcpy() instead, but same
general concept.


[2001-04-16 23:10:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Joey Smith has(had?) a patch he was considering applying that should fix this problem 
as well... waiting to hear back from him currently on it's status...


[2001-04-09 15:30:56] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I was getting intermittent errors connecting to databases. 
Sometimes it would work fine, sometimes my connect string
would turn to gibberish and sometimes the process would

On further examination, in
ext/odbc/php_odbc.c:odbc_sqlconnect(), within the
if(strstr(char *)db,";") block, there is a line
"strcat(ldb,db);".  At this point in the code, ldb was just
emalloced, and had uninitialized contents.  I think strcpy()
is more appopriate here, and changing the code to this seems
to have cleared up my errors.

Thank you very much.


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