From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: W98, W98SE
PHP version:      4.0.4
PHP Bug Type:     *Directory/Filesystem functions
Bug description:  relative chdir from root doesn´t work

On w98 and w98se it is not possible to change from root directory (eg. c:\) to a 
relative subdirectory (e.g. windows). There is a delay of about 1 second. The same 
when accessing file functions (eg. is_dir, filesize) on filenames in the root 
directory without path (e.g. filesize ("msdos.sys"), no result is returned.

Try this script:

function mychdir ($text, $dir, $works) {
  echo "$text '$dir': "; flush();
  chdir ($dir);
    "<font color=". ($works ? "green" : "red").">".
    str_replace ("\\", "/", getcwd ())."</FONT><BR>"; 
  flush ();
mychdir ("change to root", "/", true);
mychdir ("change to existing full path", "c:/windows/temp", true);
mychdir ("change to parent", "..", true);
mychdir ("change to relative subdir", "temp", true);
mychdir ("change to parent-parent", "../..", true);
mychdir ("change to root", "/", true);
mychdir ("change to relative subdir from root - does not work (notice the delay)", 
"windows", false);

Gustav Graf

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