I was just researching the CCVS extension and noted that its config.m4
doesn't search automatically for the CCVS install dir, and leaving the
DIR out of the --with-ccvs=[DIR] causes a blank -L to be added to
$LIBS, which makes configure fail on the next test to be run. (Bug
#8045 had this happen on mcrypt; mine was on curl).

Anyway, I just put together another config.m4 from pieces of other
config.m4s (notably the one for the curl ext).

Could someone check it over and if it's OK commit it to the tree? I
don't think I have source tree karma and besides, we're right up to a
release. :) I know this fixed things for me, and I'm theorizing that
#8045 will be solved by it as well. Thanks.

--- oldconfig   Tue Mar 27 12:34:22 2001
+++ config.m4   Sat Apr 21 14:59:58 2001
@@ -1,26 +1,29 @@
 dnl $Id: config.m4,v 1.7 2001/03/27 20:34:22 sniper Exp $
 dnl config.m4 for PHP4 CCVS Extension
-[  --with-ccvs[=DIR]       Compile CCVS support into PHP4. Please specify your 
-                          CCVS base install directory as DIR.],
-  if test "$withval" != "no"; then
-     CCVS_DIR="$withval"
-       test -f $withval/include/cv_api.h && CCVS_INCLUDE_DIR="$withval/include"
-    test -f $withval/lib/libccvs.a && CCVS_LIB_DIR="$withval/lib"
+PHP_ARG_WITH(ccvs, for CCVS support,
+[  --with-ccvs[=DIR]       Include CCVS support])
-       if test -n "$CCVS_DIR"; then
-               AC_MSG_RESULT(yes)
-               PHP_EXTENSION(ccvs)
-               LIBS="$LIBS -L$CCVS_LIB_DIR"
-               PHP_ADD_LIBRARY_WITH_PATH(ccvs, $CCVS_LIB_DIR)
-         else
-           AC_MSG_RESULT(no)
-         fi
-       fi
+if test "$PHP_CCVS" != "no"; then
+  if test -r $PHP_CCVS/include/cv_api.h; then
+  else 
+    AC_MSG_CHECKING(for CCVS in default path)
+    for i in /usr/local/ccvs /usr; do
+      if test -r $i/include/cv_api.h; then
+        CCVS_DIR=$i
+        AC_MSG_RESULT(found in $i)
+      fi
+    done
+  fi
+  if test -z "$CCVS_DIR"; then
+    AC_MSG_RESULT(not found)
+    AC_MSG_ERROR(Please check your CCVS installation; cv_api.h should be in 
+  fi

 Torben Wilson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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