You may have a broken bison installation - the Zend engine and PHP 4.0.5 in 
general compile fine under Visual C++ 6.0.


At 00:38 24/4/2001, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>ID: 10270
>User Update by: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Old-Status: Closed
>Status: Open
>Bug Type: Compile Failure
>Description: PHP 4.05+ Won't Compile on Win32 Coz of Zend Errors
>Here is the M$ VC6 (SP5) - Zend Compilation Log (the Failure Responsible) :
>--------------------Configuration: Zend - Win32 Release--------------------
>/usr/share/bison.simple(249) : warning C4027: function declared without 
>formal parameter list
>/usr/share/bison.simple(432) : warning C4133: 'function' : incompatible 
>types - from 'struct _zval_struct *' to 'struct _znode *'
>zend_ini_scanner.l(56) : error C2065: 'ini_lineno' : undeclared identifier
>zend_language_scanner.c(5482) : warning C4273: 'isatty' : inconsistent dll 
>linkage.  dllexport assumed.
>Generating Code...
>Generating Code...
>Error executing cl.exe.
>Zend.lib - 1 error(s), 3 warning(s)
>This is The 2nd time I Submit this bug/misconfig (the 1st time's # is 10270) ,
>Please Fix it up !
>Previous Comments:
>[2001-04-16 07:01:19] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>Works fine for me make sure you have Zend and TSRM directories in right 
>place and are defining PHP_WIN32 and ZEND_WIN32.
>[2001-04-10 15:46:49] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
>PHP 4.05 RC6 & Latest CVS of 10/04/2001
>Won't Compile on Win32 (W98ENA_SE) by M$ VC6 (SP5)
>Because of Zend & ZendTS - Missing Files &/ Configuration !!
>I've got Compilation Logs , so Just ask if Needed ...
>Full Bug description available at:
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