I went through my server and deleted all files and directories associated
with RC6, then went ahead and compiled RC7 with the same options, I deleted
everything first b/c of aformentioned path changes I saw on Zend.  I used
the following config options and all worked perfectly, did a make, make
install.  I downloaded the following file:
This is on apache 1.3.19 on linux.

Configure Command'./configure' '--with-mysql' '--with-imap=/usr/lib'
'--enable-trans-sid' '--with-apxs=/usr/sbin/apxs'
'--with-jpeg-dir=/usr/src/jpeg-6b' '--with-png-dir=/usr/lib'
'--with-gd=/usr/src/gd-2.0.1' '--with-freetype-dir=/usr/src/freetype-2.0.1'

Here is what I get from phpinfo();
Version 4.0.5RC6
SystemLinux www.domain.com 2.2.14 Wed Jun 21 15:05:10 JST 2000 i586 unknown
Build DateApr 23 2001
Server APIApache
Virtual Directory Supportdisabled
Configuration File (php.ini) Path/usr/local/lib/php.ini

here is the listing for the new binary

-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root      4612955 Apr 23 17:58 libphp4.so

for some reason it still thinks it is RC6 and is using the old path for the
php.ini file.  I've removed every trace of php about 3 times and this keeps
happening.  So, what am I doing wrong? Thanks


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