From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: FreeBSD
PHP version:      4.0.2
PHP Bug Type:     Documentation problem
Bug description:  wrong object in an example, german doc

echo "<PRE>
 blob:         $meta -> blob
 max_length:   $meta -> max_length
 multiple_key: $meta -> multiple_key
 name:         $meta -> name
 not_null:     $meta -> not_null
 numeric:      $meta -> numeric
 primary_key:  $meta -> primary_key
 table:        $meta -> table
 type:         $meta -> type
 unique_key:   $meta -> unique_key
 unsigned:     $meta -> unsigned
 zerofill:     $meta -> zerofill
    echo "<PRE>
 blob:         $meta->blob
 max_length:   $meta->max_length
 multiple_key: $meta->multiple_key
 name:         $meta->name
 not_null:     $meta->not_null
 numeric:      $meta->numeric
 primary_key:  $meta->primary_key
 table:        $meta->table
 type:         $meta->type
 unique_key:   $meta->unique_key
 unsigned:     $meta->unsigned
 zerofill:     $meta->zerofill

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