At 01:46 AM 4/25/2001 -0500, J. Jones wrote:
>On Wed, Apr 25, 2001 at 09:33:47AM +0200, Andi Gutmans wrote:
> > OK. I commited one more patch which should fix filetype() and lstat(). I'd
> > appreciate it if you can take a minute and just make sure they work now 
> and
> > that I didn't cause any problems with the fixed is_link().
> > It's not my code so that's why I'm messing with it slowly. It had some
> > dependencies inside the code and I wanted to make sure I keep it 
> consistent.
> >
> > Andi
> >
>Looks perfect.. lstat() and filetype() both work fine on the broken
>symlink.. as does is_link().  I'd call it fixed.  ;)


>file_exists() still 'fails' on a broken symlink, but perhaps it should.
>That could get a little on the philosophical side.

Yes this is indeed a philosophical question and according to the PHP manual 
it is unclear.
I don't really care either way. It's probably best the way it is now.

>Thanks alot for the quick fix!

You're welcome.


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