No new ideas here, just clarification of what I think we should do with the
current technology available.

As far as I remember, someone is rewriting the bug db (or maybe I was
dreaming?). If so, then a new 'importance' field can be added to rank the
bug as showstopper, important etc. The fact that the bug report gets posted
to the dev list with 'showstopper' status should be enough to alert people
to either fix it, or argue for its demotion to a less severe status. The
rule should be that showstoppers are never allowed in a release.

Prior to the bug database getting this feature, the list can be manually
maintained on the qa list.

A strongly agree with Liz that we MUST become strict about no new features
going into the release branch after RC1. Maybe this would be helped by a
regular RC cycle - maybe once every two months. Then everyone will know when
RC1 is due and if they want features in it, then they know what date they
have to hit to get it there. And if they miss the date, they know it's only
two months before it will get into a release.

Phil Driscoll
Dial Solutions
+44 (0)113 294 5112

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