From:             [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Operating system: Linux
PHP version:      4.0.4pl1
PHP Bug Type:     Feature/Change Request
Bug description:  parsing for HTTP_POST_VARS drops duplicates

Parsing of a POST drops duplicate variables unless those variables have "[]".  

It's a few lines in Perl to get it, but I need to stay inside PHP....

is there anywhere that the equivalent of thePerl $form field below:
  if ( $ENV{'REQUEST_METHOD'} eq "POST" ) {
  read(STDIN,$form, $ENV{'CONTENT_LENGTH'});
is available in a PHP session...

I need the whole unparsed line, so that I can manage transforming duplicates into an 

I have a situation where a check-box coded by someone else I have no control over is 
sending multiple values with the same field name.   Code for parsing into 
HTTP_POST_VARS discards all but the last name value pair in the Parse stage because, 
unfortunately the field is not ending in "[]" in the FORM.

... thoughts.


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