Not me.

I've got hard time telling my PHP code from my butt right now. :)

At 08:29 26.4. 2001, Zak Greant wrote the following:
>Cynic wrote:
>> Urrgh, yes, 
>> you're right. Sorry, up all night. None that I know of... 
>> FWIW IIRC there was a feature request quite a long ago...
>    What about HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA - I have seen it bumping 
>    around the source[1], but know little about it.
>    Anyone? :)
>    [1] /php4/main/php_content_types.c
>    --zak
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And the eyes of them both were opened and they saw that their files
were world readable and writable, so they chmoded 600 their files.
    - Book of Installation chapt 3 sec 7 

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