ID: 7910
Updated by: jmoore
Status: Open
Bug Type: IIS related
PHP Version: 4.0.4
Assigned To: 

This seems like a IIS problem rather than a PHP one. We probably need to test this 
with other isapi and cgi dlls under IIS to confirm this then pass a bug report about 
the behaviour on to msft if this is the case.

Previous Comments:

[2000-12-27 12:32:35] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I updated to PHP 4.0.4

I still have the same problem in ISAPI AND in CGI mode !!!!


[2000-11-21 17:20:10] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am using PGP as an ISAPI extension woth IIS 4.0

IIS is configured to laak for a default page named index.php3

If I pass a parameter in the URL with the folowing syntax 
""; the variable page is empty in the my php script.

If I include the name of the page in the URL 
""; everything working my page vraiable contain 


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