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have been trying to do so every once in a while,
but the docbook DTD won't really let me

looks like we are going to tweak DTD and 
stylesheets ab bit :(

Previous Comments:

[2001-04-26 17:36:28] [EMAIL PROTECTED]
like most programmers i'm lazy...  and hate wasting time looking for something.  so i 
have a suggestion that from my own experience i believe would save time.

section IV of the online maual..  the functions section..  many times you have to come 
back to this section to look up the syntax of a function..  but there are so many 
groups under this heading it's hard to find the one you're looking for.

why not add sub-headings to this section.  one for database related functions and the 
other for everything else.  ie.

IV. Function Reference
    I.  Database Related
        I.  Database (dbm-style) abstraction layer functions
        II. dBase functions
        III.MySQL Functions
    II. Everything Else
        I.  Apache-specific Functions
        II. Array Functions

just a suggestion..  would narrow down the number of headings the eye would have to 
scan through..  and help make it easier to find stuff faster.


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